Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Otus' Deities

Here are a few scans of Erol Otus' Deities and Demigods work from the 1980 edition.

Otus illustrated the entire Cthulhu Mythos chapter, but also did lots of other spots thoughout the book.

Some of his best work in my opinion. Of course, Otis' headliner is the full-color wraparound cover illustration. Unfortunately my copy is too beat-up to yeild a worthy scan.


Dar said...

Awesome, awesome stuff.

I took the illio of Cthulu and made it the background for my iphone. It is the first picture to nudge out the hubble close up of mars.

Very nice, thank you!

crazyred said...

I did not know Cthulhu was a Mac guy! =)

Dar said...
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Dar said...

It explains everything.

Brad said...

Erol is king.