Monday, August 30, 2010

Map Monday

Doodle maps! My head was drifting around Sci-Fi land this week, although these are probably vague enough to stand in for just about any set.


Dave said...

Very cool! I certainly see some Star Wars Tatooine in the first one, I do not know if that's me or your intent. It looks like a rougher neighborhood than Aunt Beru and Uncle Owens moisture farm! The lower two panels really remind me of the wonderful Palladium TMNT mutants in space supplement. Glad to see you back posting, hope Gencon went well for ya!

Dave said...
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Simon Forster said...

I too spotted the Star Wars allusions; and just happens to be the time that I'm starting a Star Wars campaign :)

Great work as always.

crazyred said...

Totally intentional. Like Si, I've had a Star Wars adventure rolling around my head lately.

Thanks for the kind words fellers!