Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winterhaven take 3

Here's the Winterhaven in-progress sketch. Still super-rough, but I've tried to make the density reflect the listed population, added 'suburbs' outside the walls, and reconnected Padraig's manor to the town proper.


yoyorobbo said...

Dooooode, awesome work!

These types of images really breathe life into published mods' locales.

I know I should let my imagination run a bit more on it's own, but these maps/drawings help kick it along when it's staring off into space.

crazyred said...

Thank YOU.

I agree, illustrated maps are so much more evocative than overhead views. Of course, the traditional grid makes more sense with minis, but I wish publishers would use more pictorial maps in their adventures.

Dubble Tea said...

I LOVE the Post-It "post production" edits! That's absolutely brilliant!

Dubble Tea said...

And I gotta say, with a town as nice as this...why bother with adventuring? Surely there's enough to do here to keep a young spirit busy! There's cobbling, and baking, and .... wenching and .... smithing.
Aww hell, gimme a mace.