Friday, April 3, 2009

Mapping the Nentir Vale

I only know a few things about the Nentir Vale, geographically speaking.
  • The Nentir Vale is a "northern land".
  • The "Vale" is situated between two mountain ranges; the Stonemarch and the Dawnforge.
  • The falls at Fallcrest indicate an elevation change.
  • Don't order the "mutton" at the Fiveleague House.
  • South of Fallcrest are the Witchlight Fens. We also know that the towns beyond the southern edge of the map are "coastal towns". To me, these are indications that South is "down".

I'm imagining the Vale as a "saddle" between the two mountain ranges with a major elevation drop clearly defined by the White River in the southeast.

So what can we conclude?
  • Harkenwold isn't really in the "vale" proper.
  • The Woodsinger Elves of the Harken Forest, being at a higher elevation, may have a tactical advantage over the Daggerburg Goblins.
  • The Kingsroad must really be quite lovely, what with the view and all.
  • Winterhaven is in the ass-end of nowhere.


Anonymous said...

I never thought to extend the cliffside throughout the vale, even though that's the logical course of action. An interesting rendition!

crazyred said...

Thanks Shaky!

I'm thinking west of Fallcrest would be steep hills whereas along the White river to east the drop-off would be steeper, more bluff like. A few more strokes of the pen probably would clear things up, maybe I'll do that this weekend.