Friday, May 15, 2009

My Appendix N

A meme is going around the Grognards like the flu: Appendix N. The original Appendix N was Gary Gygax's list of inspirational books -- Conan, Lovecraft, etc. (here's a fun link:  robertsongames fantasy booklist).

Instead of books, my Appendix N is a list of albums we were listening to while spending countless hours playing games in the basement.


Timeshadows said...

Oh, yeah!
What you said. :D

Gamer Dude said...

I'm WAY late to this party...everyone's left. But, I just had to say, that's the COOLEST appendix 'N' that I've ever seen. You and I played the same games and listened to the same albums. Killer memories man.

Thanks for the trip back in time.

crazyred said...

You got it Dude! Thanks for dropping by!

Redcelt said...

Divine Right was my favorite board game back then :)