Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Doodle

My reworked Maurice Nobel rip-off for an Art Order challenge. Feast of Souls!


Matt said...

Well done sir. Not enough people know Maurice Noble's name these days - though many have seen his work.

Simon Forster said...

You should have entered that competition too :)

Anonymous said...

I love this guy. The spell effect just looks so intense.

kingworks said...

I can see the Warner Bro's quality to it, now that you mentioned it. My first inspiration-impression when I saw this over on Art Order was Black Cauldron.

crazyred said...

Matt -- Yeah, Nobel's a god! I've also been getting into another Warners guy; Paul Julian. His stuff is so lush and rich, it'll put you in a trance.

Simon -- I did actually, but I didn't have the req's quite together, but that's okay.

Jon -- Minions! Minions make the PC's look good! Thanks!

king -- yeah, it's almost impossible to shed Black Cauldron's influence in this kind of setting. Thanks for stopping by =)