Monday, May 17, 2010

Map Monday

Back to basics. Here's a generic small town you should be able to plug in anywhere. I tried to make it printer friendly with a nice wide border for keying purposes.

Update: I got rid of that annoying border and, above, a version with little red lines for your keying convenience.


Sandman said...

Daaaaaamn, this looks amazing! You should post more "generic" stuff, I find your work really helpful for my campaign, since I can use it without too much trouble.

Keep up the good work.

Simon Forster said...

Very cool, and lovely, and I can certainly find a use for it in my games :)

Dave said...

This is excellent! I think you are wise beyond words to dial in what maps are useful verses maps that are art.
Any chance for a red lined Fallcrest map? Maybe Winterhaven too?
Thanks again for posting; it is a bright spot in an otherwise grueling week.

Dave said...

After looking at it for the last half hour or so, I am really taken with the POV. It reminds of the view of a French village by a biplane pilot during World War One.

crazyred said...

Thanks for the ups Sandman!

Thank you Simon! I'm sure it'll find a good home in your campaign.

Dave: Gruelling week? Good god man, it's only Monday! Take the rest of the day off.
Thank you very much for the kind words -- it's not easy balancing my Wacom in the family Sopwith.

Longeye said...

this is seriously amazing!
you blow away all other maps.

every time i see a new post from you, i wish there was an animated series based on this stuff.
"The Nentir Valley Chronicles", my new favorite show.

Jon McNally said...

Excellent bird's eye, 'Red. Kudos to you and your skills.

kingworks said...

If you get bored, do mine:

Made it way back in Illustrator for a personal adaption of a campaign. I've since moved to a more painterly style using Photoshop.

crazyred said...

Longeye: So, are you thinking the "Chronicles" would be a kind of "Dora" meets "Avatar" kind of thing?
Everyone go to
right now and behold the awesomeness!

Thanks Jon! Everyone go to and harass Jon to post more work!

Kingworks: Looks all finished to me!

Longeye said...

thanks for the plug.

i was actually thinking more hanna-barbera X (a-team + clonewars(2d))

Dave said...

I was just compaing this to your January 24, 2009 Winterhaven map. That was good, this is awesome! This really showcases your skills and how much you've grown as an artist.