Sunday, April 11, 2010

Map Monday

Just out of the Vale, the rivergoer meets Rushbottle, a hobbit village built entirely around fording the Rushbottle Rapids.

For this map, the goal was trying to incorporate the hex grid, painting, and a sense of topography. It's tough! Camp Ozbrog is supposed to be up on a hilltop, but without sky to frame things, its all comes down to the rendering.


Unknown said...

The shadows from most of the trees and the buildings on the lower portion of the map appear to be from a light source on the right, while the river appears to be shaded from the top left.

If you put your light source at the top left, that would enable you to put a shadow on the viewer's side of the hill where Ozbrog is.

Just a thought.

brandykruse said...

Dammit King, that's a great criticism. I think you're right and I'm going to see if I can break down the PS file and do just that. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Looks beautiful!

I would love to see a little bit of background info on all this locations *hint* :-)

Jon McNally said...

Lookin' good, sir. Continually impressed.

David said...

Great stuff!

Tauric said...

Would you mind if I used this (with some minor alterations) as a visual aid in my Pathfinder campaign?

I would like to use is as an isolated halfling village. My alterations would simply be extending Polly's Hedge all the way around the village (across the river), and placing the village within a woods, rather than half in woodland and half on the plain.